A composer more so than a producer, Hush Forte cites influences of Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, and the eclectic sounds brewing from Top Dawg Entertainment. Nevertheless, the Broward County native displays a unique sound all his own with a growing palette of soft rock tones, lush jazz, ethereal synths, and an underbelly of Hip Hop that transports listeners through an illusory journey of various hues and emotions. After the release of his inaugural instrumental project, Ardor, Hush dropped the seasonal Summer Girl featuring Q, as well as the title track to Femdot’s latest EP, 94 Camry Music. With a full-length compilation on the way, Hush Forte is primed to display his artistry on a scope that spans broader than just beat making. As he puts it: “This project is an introduction to my boundless creativity.”

– Alex Bell