Passing through various shades and sounds over the course of its growing history, the state of Florida has staked its share on hip-hop culture. Now more than ever though does the pan handle state have a firm grip on hip-hop relevancy, and producer Hush Forte is determined to add his name into the ever-burgeoning mix of talent that blooms from within the Sunshine state. Born Corey Talbot in Miami Shores, Florida, the producer soon after relocated to Cooper City, a suburban area of Broward County. At the age of five, Talbot began taking classical piano lessons. However, it wasn’t until he began to delve into jazz and R&B sounds that music became a catalyst for his creation. Instead, it was sports that first commanded Talbot’s attention -- namely football and basketball. Riding to practice on a daily basis with his father, Talbot would listen to popular hip-hop and R&B songs on the radio -- the initial spark to his fuse. In elementary school he was gifted a small USB MP3, it’s only contents being Kanye West Graduation. After that he says he began borrowing burnt CDs from his older brother, cuts coming from the likes of OutKast, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and N.E.R.D. Listen to Hush Forte's most recent production on Coming Down, Bumper, & Trap House Funk off of Trapo's latest project titled 'Oil Change - EP'. - Written by Alex Bell