“When I’m making music, I’m really just trying to take a temporary feeling and turn it into an experience I can relive as many times as I want. It’s something I have full control over, that's a good feeling. I can literally create my own source of nostalgia, it’s crazy.” The 21-year-old producer / composer has a unique sound that blends hard hitting elements of Hip Hop, with the melodic warmth of Jazz or comfort of soul as well as a sort of spontaneity and complexity that resembles film scores. Born in Miami, and soon after relocating to the suburbs of Broward County, Florida, Corey's introduction to music was the piano. He started taking lessons in his earliest years before transitioning into electronic production in high school. At this point it was just a hobby that he mostly kept secret. He ended up adopting the ‘Hush Forte’ moniker which he would use to release beats on SoundCloud. Around this time one of his beats got picked up for a track titled ‘Still’ by recording artists Dave East. Unfortunately at the time Corey didn’t have a deep enough catalogue to maximize the opportunity and eventually lost contact with East. After graduating in 2015, he moved to Orlando to go to college and study Engineering. This transition isolated him from his hometown friends, allowing him to focus more on his music. With the pressure that came with his difficult coursework he found himself relying more and more on music as a source of therapy. He would take advantage of any free time he had to work on music and build relationships. However, he struggled to find artist who he felt were a good match for his sound. In 2017 he finally connected with and began producing for artists such as Trapo and Max Wonders. This year Corey also began working on a project he calls “TRANSPARENCY” which will be his first official release.